LG introduces the world’s first stretchable display

LG introduces the world's first stretchable display

A few hours ago, the world-renowned electronics manufacturer LG presented its brand-new display technology, which had never existed before. The different 12-inch display is said to be stretchable, foldable, and rotatable without losing quality and high resolution.

Unprecedented technology

Most of you have probably noticed that there are already smartphones with displays that can be folded up. A popular example of this would be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

A completely new innovation, however, is the high-resolution 12-inch stretchable display that LG is currently working on and about which initial information has already been published.

The first facts

The new model should be able to be stretched by 20 percent for the first time and have a resolution of 100 PPI and full-color RGB. It is made from a special type of silicone that can stretch up to 14 inches due to its high flexibility. In addition, the micro-LED light source with a very small pixel pitch ensures that the display is particularly durable.

Furthermore, the resolution does not differ from that of conventional monitorsThe material is also very thin and light. This is clearly visible in this picture:

LG introduces the world's first stretchable display

The future of new technology

If the project is completed by LG, it will most likely find its place in various industries. This is because it offers the possibility of being attached to non-flat surfaces – for example, it can be used very well for clothing, on the skin, but also in the gaming area.

According to the EVP of LG Display, the group wants to advance the Korean display industry and end the project in a goal-oriented manner. Therefore, we are very excited about the further developments and look forward to further information.

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