The new app called Oceanic+ for the Apple Watch Ultra has been available for a few hours. According to Apple, it is the most robust smartwatch to date. The app aims to turn the watch into a powerful dive computer.

Apple Watch Ultra

The new Apple Watch Ultra has been on the market since September 23 of this year and, according to the manufacturer, is the “most powerful Apple Watch ever.” It was developed primarily for sports – since yesterday, there has been a dedicated app specifically for diving with the watch: Oceanic+


The smartwatch is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and can provide data and functions down to 40 meters, which are also required for scuba diving. With various power-saving settings, the battery should last up to 60 hours, and the watch should be able to withstand temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius without any problems.

A new app turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer

Apple advertises particularly large with its dual-frequency GPS system, which can precisely determine locations. Thanks to the connection of L1 and L5 GPS in a new antenna design, highly precise calculations of the route, as well as distance and speed, should be possible.

Here are the most important things at a glance:

The watch was made of titanium for maximum stability. Also visible from the outside are the action button in a striking orange, with which you can control some features.

In addition, two loudspeakers, a siren, a depth gauge, and the digital crown, which has been made larger on this model can also be used underwater or easy with gloves.

The smartwatch has a ring of three microphones, from which the best is selected depending on the wind speed. For example, an emergency call can be made with the side button, or the siren can be switched on – maximum security is ensured. As with traditional Apple Watches, a variety of interchangeable straps are available, including those made specifically for different sports :

A new app turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer


As you are used to from Apple, this watch is not exactly cheap either. It currently costs around:

A new app turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer

Diving with the Apple Watch: Oceanic+

The Oceanic+ app was launched yesterday, especially for diving with the Ultra. The app can be installed not only on the watch but also on the iPhone to get an accurate overview of the prevailing conditions, such as tides and water temperatures, before diving.

A new app turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer

Oceanic+ uses a so-called Bühlmann decompression algorithm to calculate and monitor dive parameters. Safety warnings are always at hand on your wrist. The dive data is automatically synchronized with the app on the mobile phone and can be viewed immediately after the dive.

The app is presented in more detail in this video:

There are already cheap alternatives for the original Apple Ocean bracelet on Amazon – the watch is probably expensive enough for most:

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