A few days ago, Philips Hue introduced smart lighting for the Christmas tree, which can already be ordered on the manufacturer’s website. Delivery is scheduled to start this week so that the Hue Festavia light chain arrives in time for the pre-Christmas period, and the decorating can begin.

Fairy lights for a particularly smart Christmas

Philips is one of the most popular brands when it comes to smart lighting. The recently released chain of lights from Philips Hue brings fresh impetus to the Christmas season with exciting new features because this year, the lighting on the tree can be operated smartly with it.

This is what intelligent Christmas lighting can do

The chain of lights is a cable with a length of 20 metersA total of 250 LED lights are attached to it at intervals of eight centimeters. The cable length offers enough leeway to easily attach the chain to the Christmas tree – it can, of course, also be used for other decorations. But be careful: unfortunately, it is not suitable for outdoor use.

Smart lighting on the Christmas tree: Philips Hue Festavia light chain

The Hue Festavia can be easily controlled via the appvoice control, or other smart home accessories such as the Hue Smart Button. Such dimmer switches are available for quite fair prices on Amazon:

The light can be personalized in the app and adapted to your own wishes. You can set the colors individually, create a color gradient or add special effects.

The sparkle effect is new in the app. As the name suggests, it creates a sparkle, or the diffuse mode, which randomly assigns five different colors to the LEDs.

You can also choose between candlelight and a fireplace look for a cozy flickering. If you want, you can sync the fairy lights to your music. According to the manufacturer, the lights then change color and brightness to the music and thus ensure a special experience.

Smart lighting on the Christmas tree: Philips Hue Festavia light chain

Delivery and price

The chain of lights has been available on the Philips Hue website since November 11 and should also be delivered within a few days. The scope of delivery includes the chain, including a 40W power supply unit. You also get a 30-day right of return and a two-year guarantee

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