The collection for the board adaptation ended on Kickstarter when Heroes of Might & Magic III. The crowdfunding campaign was a huge success, and the goal set by the creators was exceeded almost eighty times.

Big brands attract big money – this is what happened in the case of the Polish project, which assumed the transfer of the cult production of Heroes of Might & Magic III to the field of board games.

This production will certainly see the light of day because the collection for this title was a great success – the creators of this board game collected nearly PLN 18 million, while the minimum plan that ensured the success of this fundraiser was just over PLN 230,000.

Thus, the developers from Archon received the green light to continue working on this production. The game will be available in December next year, and nearly 27,000 players have shown their financial support.

The creators ensure that the board game will, in many respects, refer to the cult strategy, and in the physical version, we will find many characters and powers known from the title created by New World Computing. A full description of the game can be found on the Kickstarter website.

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