Gaming chair of the future: Orb X by Cooler Master

Gaming chair of the future: Orb X by Cooler Master

The manufacturer Cooler Master, known for computers and gaming, has now published a waiting list for what is probably their craziest product to date. Depending on its use, the Orb X is an immersive gaming or workstation that looks like it was straight out of a sci-fi movie. It can even support a single 34-inch monitor (or three 27-inch monitors).

Far from reality?

Will we soon be living like the characters in the Wall-E movie? If you look at the product images of the Orb X, you could almost think so. However, it should still be a while until the release, because it is not known when the product will be released, nor is it known how much it will cost.

In addition, the chances are low that a normal earner can simply afford it. For comparison: The similar Predator Thronos from Acer cost upwards of 18,000 euros when it went on sale, depending on the accessories.

Nevertheless, one can still dream. There has even been a waiting list for the station for a few hours now. Should there be a sale at some point, you can register here to receive a notification for the pre-ordering.

Equipment of the gaming station

The Orb X not only looks futuristic, but is also equipped to match. There is already an introductory video showing the most important functions:

The station is semi-closed, which should ensure that you are not distracted by outside influences. The whole thing is reinforced with the shuttle dome housing, which shuts down automatically at the push of a button. Up to three 27-inch monitors can be mounted on the front. Surround sound speakers are built in for immersive sound.

The armchair in the egg-shaped ward is ergonomically designed: the headrest can be adjusted and the inclination of the backrest can also be varied. Thanks to the lumbar support in the backrest, there is no negative strain on the spine.

Gaming chair of the future: Orb X by Cooler Master

The whole part should have dimensions of 1881 x 1810 x 2088 millimeters and weigh 343.5 kilograms. It will also be available in Arctic White and Universe Black. In addition to the shelf in front of the armchair, there should be additional storage space for PCs and consoles, for example.

In our opinion, this is a very interesting device – we are excited to see if and when it will actually be released.

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