In the coming months, the British company Bullitt will launch the first smartphone that will enable communication using satellite, also with another user using a regular cellular network. It will be a much more comprehensive solution than sending simple SOS messages.

Bullitt is a rather unknown company to the average smartphone user, but it is a subcontractor of many well-known manufacturers such as Cat or Motorola. Now, this manufacturer wants to mark its presence on the market by introducing the first equipment with two-way satellite communication for sale.

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This means that the new Bullitt smartphone allows sending messages between a user connected to a satellite and another person who uses a traditional cellular network.

The device is supposed to get a satellite connection as well as send a message in just 10 seconds. In addition, we can count on the fact that the smartphone will automatically switch to satellite connectivity when there is no access to a cellular signal or Wi-Fi network.

The smartphone project has been prepared for 18 months in cooperation with MediaTek, a well-known manufacturer of mobile systems. The first smartphones from Bullitt will go on sale in the first quarter of next year. However, for now, we do not know the device’s price or the cost of using the satellite service.

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